2nd Murder by Numbers Film Festival


When the death penalty is mentioned, what comes to your mind? 

A scaffold, a hangman’s noose, stoning, an electric chair, lethal injection , or bullets?

When death row inmates are mentioned, what comes to your mind? 

A devil, a monster, or an ill-fated person?

What steps do you think are involved in the death penalty? 

Prosecution, judgment, execution, and finally justice?

The 2nd Murder by Numbers Film Festival will bring you 

the truth behind the death penalty.

Screening Time & Venues

Taipei: October 12th ~14th, 2007 / 

Taipei Youth Activity Center (6F, No. 17th, Sec.1, JenAi Rd.) 

Kaohsiung: October 19th ~21st , 2007 / 

Kaohsiung Film Archive (No.10, Hesi Rd., Yancheng District)


List of Films: 

汝不可殺人 Thou Shall Not Kill Opening Film

最後的晚餐 Last Supper Closing Film

巴丹戴爾紀錄片 Un Abolistionniste:Robert BadinterClosing Film

刑三重奏 Death Penalty Trilogy

劊子手的一天 One Day from a Hangman’s life

柯波帝:冷血告白 Capote

在黑暗中漫舞 Dancer In the Dark

雪地裡的情人 The Widow of St. Pierre (La Veuve de Saint-Pierre)

週日早上的謀殺案 Un coupable idéal

All Admissions Free

How to obtain tickets:

  1. The tickets to each film will be distributed 30 minutes before the screening outside the venue. Every person can get up to 2 tickets for each screening. The tickets obtained are only valid for that particular film.

  2. The audience will be admitted to the screening room 10 minutes before the screening. Admittance is not allowed more than 10 minutes after the screening begins. 

Organizer: Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty (TAEDP)

Co-organizers: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Ministry of Justice, Council for Culture Affairs, French Institute in Taipei, Taipei Bar Association, Kaohsiung Film Archive, Government Information Office, Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Judicial Reform Foundation, Fujen University John Paul II Peace Institute, the Chang Fo-chuan Center for the Study of Human Rights, Long Shong Entertainment Multimedla Co. Ltd, Wu-Nan Book Inc



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